Possum Master Kill Trap

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What it is

Possum Master trap

The Possum Master trap

The Possum Master Kill Trap traps and kills possums and a variety of other pests. When a pest sets off the trap, the spring-loaded trap applies approximately 15 kilograms of pressure to the circumference of the animal's neck via a noose.

Its compact, lightweight design and ease of use make the trap suitable for both the professional trapper and the domestic user. It can be used in a wide variety of locations including on tree trunks or run-up, along branches, or on the ground. While it is lethal to pests, the built-in safety catch ensures that it is safe for the user. Up to ten of the traps can be stacked and carried in one hand, so that they can easily be carried to the remotest areas.

You can avoid catching domestic cats by using the optional cat-stop face plate or by baiting the trap with fruit rather than meat. In the bush, set the trap on a tree to avoid catching ground-dwelling birds.

The traps are manufactured in Wellington out of plastic that is UV stabilised for durability and the mechanism is made of galvanised steel. They weigh about 500 grams and come in two colours:

  • blue, which is easy to see during the day
  • black, which is good for camouflage.