Possum Master Kill Trap

How to use it

You can use the Possum Master Trap in a variety of positions to suit every situation. It is safe to set and easy to clear.

Setting procedure

  1. Ensure that the safety catch is in the SAFE position. This is an essential step to avoid premature release of the fly arm.
  2. Push the bait (for example, a small piece of apple or meat) onto the bait hook.
  3. Placing your thumb under the cord, apply pressure to the front of the trap. Be ready to push the fly arm over with the other hand.
  4. Push the fly arm down firmly. At the same time, pull the cord forwards with your thumb.
  5. The trigger will locate automatically and the safety catch will be on.
  6. Position the noose cord around the black plastic hooks.
  7. Before leaving, ensure that the safety catch is still in the SET position.
  8. To release the dead pest, follow steps 3 to 5.

Using the trap in a tree

Attach the trap to the tree using a nail with a small head. Secure the cord to the tree using a staple. The trap will lift off the tree and hang on the cord when the pest is caught.

Using the trap on the ground

Use pegs and/or the cord to secure the trap to the ground.

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